Dror Moreh began his career as a D.O.P and became one of Israel’s leading cinematographers. He shot a number of feature films, including:


Urban Feel (Berlin official competition, 1998)

Desperado Square (Winner of the Best Film Award at the Montpelier Film Festival).

and many more …



Moreh has also worked as a D.O.P for many award-winning documentaries in Israel, including One Shot, Asesino, and Underdog: A War MovieDuring that time, he also directed several projects. Moreh began working as fulltime director several years ago.


His projects include:


The Gatekeepers:

 A feature-length documentary revolving around intimate dialogues with six former heads of the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret service.


The Rose:

 A 6-part documentary series about the murder of a young girl. 


To Be Mayumana:

 A documentary film portraying an Israeli dance group heading to New York for their world premiere.


Under Cover:

 A 4-part docudrama about undercover police officers.



 A feature-length documentary about the reasons why Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, considered the “Father of  Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories,” agreed to implement the Gaza Disengagement Plan. The film was selected for the official Panorama program at the 58th Berlin Film Festival..


Occupational Hazard:

 A documentary film portraying an Israeli journalist’s journey into Iraq during the Second Gulf War.


Caesarea: From the Dream to Reality:

 An animated short on the history of Caesarea, produced with a budget of $1,500,000. 


Since 2006 Estelle Fialon joined the company to produce documentaries and short films. She works with directors like Mathieu Amalric, Catherine Bernstein, Marie Dumora, Damien Odoul, Delphine & Muriel Coulin...



Films du Poisson

Over 15 years of activity, Les Films du Poisson, founded by Yaël Fogiel and Laetitia Gonzalez, has displayed a strong commitment to an exacting kind of cinema, which has earned both popular and critical success and won a string of international awards – five César awards (notably for Best First Film and Best Producer), Best Director and Caméra d’Or in Cannes, Jean Vigo and Louis Delluc Awards. Since 2006, under the guidance of producer Estelle Fialon, the company has strongly developed its production of documentary films, for both television and the cinema.


Filmography of recent documentaries:


The Gatekeepers

By Dror Moreh. Broadcasters: ARTE, NDR, IBA, RTBF, YLE, DRTV, RTS, Radio Canada, SVT, NRK, VPRO, UR. Festivals: Jerusalem, Telluride, Toronto, New York, IDFA 2012. US distributor: Sony Pictures Classics


Summer Growing Up

By Blaise Harrison. Broadcaster: ARTE.

Festivals: Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, Festival Dei Popoli (Best Documentary Award), Cinemed, Dok Leipzig, RIDM Montréal, Vendôme 2011; Visions du Réel, Indie Lisboa, Krakow, Doxs! 2012.


Modigliani’s Genuine Fake Heads

By Giovanni Donfrancesco. Broadcasters: ARTE, YLE, SVT, DR, SBS, SF.

Festivals: Courmayeur 2011; FILAF 2012 ; nomination Globo d’Oro 2012.


Letters and Revolutions

By Flavia Castro. Broadcaster: RTP. Theatre release: June 2011.

Festivals: Critics Award and Student Jury Prize, Festival de Gramado 2010;

Critics Award and Best Documentary Award, Festival de Rio 2010;

Best Documentary Award, Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine 2010;

Best Film Award,Festival de Punta del Este 2011;

Best Investigative Film and Best Film Award in the Portuguese selection, Doclisboa 2011, etc.


The Place

By Marie Dumora.

Festivals: Cinéma du Réel (Virtual heritage Award), Vilnius 2011; FIFE 2012.


Joann Sfar (Drawings)

By Mathieu Amalric. Broadcaster: ARTE.

Festivals: FIFA 2010 (Creation Award); Nyon, Torino, Doclisboa 2011. 




Since its creation in 1986 independent Studio Mac Guff has become a major actor in VFX and CGI animation  world.

Creative approach of Rodolphe Chabrier, Philippe Sonrier, Jacques Bled  and Martial Vallanchon, the founders, mixing artistic attitude and Research and Development politics has permitted to lure high-level, talented and curious directors and producers. 

From photographer JB Mondino or designer Philippe Stark to director Pierre Coffin not mentioning Jan Kounen, Jean-Paul Goude and Michel Ocelot, demanding and gifted people came and still come to Mac Guff as they know tools, vibes and artists are outright to give life to their special projects.

After thousands of commercials, amazing and successful documentaries for TV  (“Species Odyssey”,  “Life Odyssey”), full CG animation movies (“Kirikou 3“,  “Dragon Hunters”, “Despicable Me “)  and VFX feature films ( 99 francs, Splice, Largo Winch, Taken 2) , historical Mac Guff team  invest his energy and priceless know-how  focusing  on VFX long feature, Documentaries and Commercials  as well as CG Animation domains.



יוצרי הסרט

פיליפה קוברסקי סיימה לימודי תואר שני במדיניות תקשורת

ב - City University of London.

משנת 1993 עבדה בתחומים שונים בתעשיית הקולנוע והטלוויזיה בארץ; בהפקה, בפיתוח ובהפצה.

בשנת 1997 הקימה פיליפה חברת הפצה וקו-פרודוקציות פרטית משלה, בשם סינפיל.



כיום, סינפיל היא בית ליוצרים עצמאיים ולהפקות משותפות, ישראליות וזרות, כמו:

"שומרי הסף" (דרור מורה)

"ילדי היטלר" (חנוך זאבי)

"סינמה ג'נין" (מרכוס וטר)

"השמצה" (יואב שמיר)

"נשות החמאס" (סוהא עראף)

 "לפניך ברעדה" (סנדי דובובסקי)

"הכח לשחות" (ירון זילברמן) (דוקומנטאריים)

"מישהו לרוץ איתו" (עודד דוידוף)

"אדמה משוגעת(דרור שאול) (עלילתיים).



בין הסרטים אותם מפיצה החברה, ניתן למצוא גם את:


"שישה מיליון ואחד" (דוד פישר)

"יום אחד אחרי השלום" (ארז לאופר)

"קנרית מתוקה שלי" (רועי שר)

"מותרות" (דוד אופק)

"חיים יקרים" (שלומי אלדר)

"שתיקת הארכיון" (יעל חרסונסקי)

"סובנירים" (שחר כהן וחליל אפרת)

"מועדון בית הקברות" (טלי שמש)

"קרבת דם" (נועה בן הגיא)

"גנבים בחוק" (אלכסנדר גנטלב)


פיליפה קוברסקי

מועמד לפרס האוסקר לסרט התיעודי הטוב ביותר